Central Ohio Golf Outing 7/30/2011

The now-annual Central Ohio Golf Outing was held July 30 from 1pm to 7pm at Oakhurst Country Club in Grove City, Ohio. Four ACRN Alumni were in attendance (two as golfers, two as volunteers), including Matt Latham (coordinator), Jason Wright (double-or-nothing contest on hole #6), John Hemphill and Ross Righter (golfers).

In conjunction with the Central Ohio chapter, the ACRN Alumni Society and Marching 110 Alumni Society raised (combined) $665, while the chapter raised $1600 for the Central Ohio legacy scholarship, which provides a $1000 annual scholarship, renewable for 4 years.

ACRN 40th Anniversary Recap (4/8/11-4/10/11)

To everyone who came to the 40th Anniversary Celebration: thanks! If you missed anything, we’re going to try to link it all here.

First: An Alumni Primer (or what Jay and Matt should’ve spoken about at the banquet)

Next: The video slideshow from the 40th Anniversary Banquet (and an intro to ACRN): (slideshow starts at about the 4:00 mark)

The business plan handed out in the roundtable: