ComFest Volunteering, 6/26/2010

On June 26th, ACRN Alumni Society members donated their time for a good cause… by volunteering to serve beer
at Comfest in Columbus! A hot night went by quickly as thousands of beers were poured and tips were raised to
help the homeless. Shana Fields, Matt Latham, current Rock Lobster Chris Kampman and myself all had a great time.

This was a really fun way to get together and spread the word. I’d guess we saw hundreds of smiling faces each as we handed out beers to the masses. With Comfest attendance breaking all previous records, and our prime location near the Jazz Stage, the time went by in a flash and we were exhausted, but everyone walked away happy. This was a rewarding way to meet new people and tell them why we were there, and special guest star, ACRN Alumna Andie Walla, knew several of the long-time Comfest volunteers who were running the tent as Athens area residents and regulars at The Smiling Skull, to boot!

So much fun, we’ll be talking about doing this or something similar next year as a great way to serve a community.