Chicago Invasion 2009

Lobsters all lined up...

Lobsters all lined up...

Over two dozen Lobsters, Alumni, friends and spouses invaded Chicago for the second annual Alumni Brunch and the Pitchfork Music Festival, July 17-19.

Several folks met up at the Festival to enjoy the variety of music and inexpensive ticket prices over the three-day event, and saw performances by many ACRN-friendly artists. The weather was beautiful and the festival started with shows by seasoned ACRN favorites Built to Spill and Yo La Tengo and closed with a show by the Flaming Lips.

Saturday morning, a sleepy throng of alumni and students alike descended upon Wishbone, a soul-food restaurant near both the Pitchfork venue and Oprah studios, for a brunch-and-learn session with ACRN staff and execs, and Alumni Society members. Between bites of an amazing breakfast, the current state of the station was discussed and a trivia contest was held with prizes from the ACRN Alumni Prize Bag.

Deepest thanks to Drew Perfilio and Jen Bacher who arranged the brunch for us!!

Welcome to Columbus 2009

The ACRN Alumni table at the Welcome to Columbus Event

The ACRN Alumni table at the Welcome to Columbus Event

On Friday, July 10, at 6PM, the Central Ohio Chapter Network, the ACRN Alumni Society, and several other Alumni Societies welcomed new graduates to the Columbus area!

The Lodge Bar’s private VIP room was host to an evening of learning about all that is OU in Columbus. Representatives from several Alumni Societies and local businesses were in attendance so folks could become acclimated to what Columbus has to offer graduates. The event gave everyone an opportunity to learn about  alumni networks in Central Ohio and the different activities that occur.

Door prizes were be given away, and free pizza and drink specials were provided by the Lodge Bar. ACRN Alumni raffled two sets of CD101 Summerfest tickets to raise money for ongoing Society costs and programs.

The Lodge Bar is located at 165 Vine St., Columbus, Ohio 43215.