LA Area Events

Lobsters outside the dimly lit Formosa Cafe

Lobsters outside the dimly lit Formosa Cafe

Lobsters invaded Hollywood. Friday, May 29 and Saturday, May 30 for dinner and drinks at the  Formosa Cafe and brunch at the Hollywood Corner.

The social hour get-together at the Formosa Cafe was a smaller draw, and the current execs had time to talk about the changes that happened this year, which included new production equipment, a new exec position, and a changed exec position, as well as the business plan.

Sunday’s brunch at The Hollywood Corner had 10 folks in attendance and drew attention from other diners, as well. Representatives from both the ACRN Alumni Society and the ACRN executive board were on hand to answer questions and make connections with the LA area alumni and discuss upcoming events, station news, and changes in the TCom School (now Media Studies.)

Media School Day

On May 7, 2009, the School of Media Arts and Studies presented “Media School Day” – a day full of panel discussions featuring Media (TCom) grads speaking on a variety of subjects, including “What a Master’s Degree Can Do for You,” “See What It’s Like Out There,” “See What You Can Aspire To,” and “The Early Academic Career” followed by a screening and QA of I Heart Hip Hop in Morocco.

Several ACRN alumni were panel speakers, including

  • Ken Neben, Director, MSNBC
  • Marah Eakin, Head of Publicity, Bloodshot Records
  • Bryan Olinger, Professional Camera Assistant, Los Angeles
  • Meagan Friedman, Coordinator of Retail Marketing, The Orchard

ACRN Alumni were also in the audience, including Media Production Assistant Andie Walla, and Professor Beth day panel

Alumni/Student Meetup

A few Alumni gather outside The Union

A few Alumni gather outside The Union

Due to the convergence of Media School Day and the Alumni Leaders Conference, quite a few ACRN alumni and friends happened to be in Athens this past Thursday, May 7. Thanks to the quick thinking of General Manager Jason Robinaugh, and the quick-fingered texting of alumni and students alike, a student/alumni mixer was planned on short notice.

The meetup not only featured attendees of the Leaders Conference, speakers from Media School Day, and current station execs, but also a special guest appearance by Faculty Advisor Greg Newton. As the night progressed, more alumni and students began to fill the venue (ACRN fave, The Union). Over 40 students and alumni were in attendance, and long conversations about both ACRN’s past and future were had, creating bonds and forging friendships between the generations.