Welcome our new Board Members! 2009

After a lengthy election process, and an eventual tie-breaker by the existing Board,  the membership at large has chosen two new Board of Visitors members to serve terms from 2009-2013.

Board members Marah Eakin and Michael Beam will be ending their terms on the Board of Visitors in May, and now we know that Jay Kulpa (1997) and Scott Slonaker (1999) will start their terms in May.

Election results were as follows:

  • Jay Kulpa (1997) – 25 votes.
  • Scott Slonaker (1999) – 18 votes.
  • Shana Fields (2001) – 18 votes.
  • Bryan Olinger (2008) – 8 votes.
  • Michael Frank (2008) – 5 votes.

The Board of Visitors broke the Slonaker/Fields tie during a February meeting.

Board members serve terms of 4 years starting in May and are eligible to run for executive positions. Elections for executive positions will be held during a May board meeting prior to the OU Alumni Association Leadership Conference, May 7-10.

Jay Kulpa and Scott Slonaker

Jay Kulpa and Scott Slonaker