Security Updates and New Content

Over the past 6 months, we’ve implemented several updates to the website in both the realms of security and usability.

While you might not notice most of the changes, since they happened behind the scenes, one big change everyone will notice is the fact that the message boards are now running behind https:// instead of http://. What does this mean? It means all traffic is encrypted, and we’ve seen a sharp drop in hacking attempts and spam! Hooray for that!

Secondly, the message board software, Simple Machines Forum, will be releasing a major software update in the next few months. Look for changes in the first quarter of 2009.

Thirdly, the main site has undergone HUGE changes, moving to a more magazine-like feel. Do you like it? We hope so. If not, tell us what we can do better! Hop on over to the message boards and tell us!

Brand new site and Newsletter

The Alumni Society Board of Visitors has been diligently working over the last few months to bring you both a new website and a new newsletter. We have completed several site upgrades, site security updates, and we’ll be emailing out a newsletter and posting it on sites you frequent, like Facebook and the OU Gateway.

The newsletter is available here, but you’ll also see most of the content as news items here on the site.

Voting has begun! (Board of Visitors, 2009-2013)

Two positions on the Alumni Society Board of Visitors will be opening up soon! Cast your vote today for ACRN Alumni to fill the posts.

Board members Marah Eakin and Michael Beam will be ending their terms on the Board of Visitors in May, and five ambitious folks have decided to throw their hats in the ring to take their place. Those Lobsters are:

  • Jay Kulpa (1997)
  • Scott Slonaker (1999)
  • Shana Fields (2001)
  • Bryan Olinger (2008)
  • Michael Frank (2008)

Board members serve terms of 4 years starting in May and are eligible to run for executive positions. To vote for two of these alumni, go to