ACRN Alumni in Athens – Aug 16, 2008

Saturday, August 16, 2008, alumni and current staffers of ACRN met at the studios to discuss the future of the station and alumni-student relations. In attendance were several recent alumni, including Michael Frank, Brian Ostrander, and Vaughn Stewart, as well as current staffers Jason Robinaugh, Jason Wright, Chris Kampman, Ty Owen, Amber Barnes, and two late-90s vintage alumni, Matt Latham and Jay Kulpa. Alumni Society president Wendy Sheridan was able to join the festivities via the Lobster Line, calling in from her home in Florida.

Chris and Michael set the studio up specifically for an alumni roundtable, and mic’d the room accordingly. Michael acted as Board Operator and moderator, and recorded the entire roundtable for posterity, and to provide a download of the discussion from the ACRN website. This plan was later foiled by equipment failure.

Topics of discussion included:

  • Expanding ACRN Production department
  • ACRN Equipment needs
  • ACRN mission and business plan
  • Alumni Society goals
  • Alumni Society involvement

The official event lasted a couple hours, but the group spent a good part of the day together, grabbing a late lunch at the Red Brick Tavern and then moving the festivities to the “Crystal Castle,” the home of Ty Owen, for a lazy day of listening to music on vinyl. The evening ended much as the weekend had begun, with adult beverages and camaraderie at The Union.

Autumn 2008 – GM Update

Jason Robinaugh, ACRN GM, 2008-2009


ACRN is excited to have your support and happy to see this newsletter come to fruition. We have a reasonably young board this year, but we foresee only one screening this school year, which means we can spend less time worrying about changing positions and spend more time furthering the station that we love.

In continuing our predecessors’ plans to expand our website into an exciting multimedia hub, we are expanding our music journalism section and have appointed a music review editor to specifically handle the written content of

Further, we hope to purchase new production equipment, including an updated version of ProTools software and hardware, more microphones, and more

We have many bands coming to Athens wanting to interview on our Friday interview show, and we have the capability now to record in-studio session performances with those bands, giving us more content for our website and providing audio production students with great hands-on experience.

We are also working very diligently to improve our on-air stream. Our current automation system, an iTunes playlist on shuffle, will soon be replaced by a software program called Megaseg, which will allow us to program entire shows during times when students are unable to be in the station, once again giving us original programming twenty-four hours a day.

ACRN is taking steps to be active in raising money for various causes and has scheduled several fundraisers with other organizations on campus. In July, we raised over $600 for Burmese refugees, which we have been told is enough to feed a village for an entire monsoon season!

I personally am very excited to see what ACRN is capable of in the remainder of my time here, and I see so much drive in my executive board. I hope that you, too, will stand behind us in any way you can, and I look forward to interacting with as many of you as possible. Please do not hesitate to contact me or any of the other execs at any time. Thank you for being a part of building the station that we all love dearly, ACRN.

Jason Robinaugh
General Manager
All-Campus Radio Network