Pitchfork Music Festival, Chicago, July 2008

This summer, Lobsters from all over the Midwest clawed their way to Chicago for Pitchfork Music Festival, which is a 3-day celebration of indie rock from all over the world.

Taking place in the Windy City’s Grant Park, ACRN alumni and current station members battled the heat for a chance to see incredible bands and to bond over what brought every lobster to ACRN in the first place – great music.

Friday evening kicked off the fest with Public Enemy performing their groundbreaking album, It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back, in its entirety. For some alumni it was a chance to get back to the
music they had spun when it first hit the airways and to bring everyone together in a way that only Flava Flav can do.

Saturday morning brought the toughest lobsters out of bed only a few hours after hitting their pillows for a homemade bunch and round table discussion. This conversation allowed not only board members but current lobsters and active alumni alike to share their thoughts on the past, present and exciting future of the All Campus Radio Network. Current General Manager Jason Robinaugh was present to express the current financial needs of ACRN, to update the group on the progress of the new station in Baker Student Center and to celebrate a young and ambitious new executive board.

The afternoon tested every lobster’s ability to keep cool in 90 degree temperatures and current Music Director, Ty Owen, beat the heat by letting the lead singer of Les Savy Fav shave his head! While it certainly kept him cool, it was a lesson to everyone that musicians aren’t really the best barbers. His haircut was so popular however, that he was featured on the jumbo monitors surrounding the park while sporting his ACRN 35th anniversary T-shirt.

The weekend wound down on Sunday night with a headlining performance from Spoon that was preceded by knockout acts such as Dizzy Rascal, Dinosaur Jr. and Bon Iver. As the first official Chicago alumni weekend, it’s certainly safe to say that it was a success. Old and new ACRNers alike definitely know how to keep the “rock” in “Rock Lobster”!