The ACRN Award – 30th Anniversary

Many thanks go out to the ACRN staff for this year’s ACRN Award…

As Scott Smith and I said in our brief (and also shocked and amazed) speeches, we had many more people to thank, and again, I’d like to list them here:

Alison Bull
J Steve Richardson
Jodin Ravia
Ryan Sturt
Erik Laursen
Scott Smith

(Scott, did I miss anyone?)

This award goes out to YOU, much moreso than to me, since without you, I probably never would have been motivated enough to start this site. With your continued help, and the help of others, this site will continue to grow and change, and with any luck, will continue to be a tool to help us all keep in touch as our numbers increase year after year.

Thanks to all the Alumni, the advisors, and the current staff… without -all- of us, the station would not be here.

Thank you…
–Matt Latham
ACRNAlumni Webmaster

30th Anniversary Weekend Thank You’s

To Jeremy, Marah, and the gang for organizing the entire weekend, and making it a great success… To all the shuttle drivers who drove our obnoxious, drunken butts back to Burr Oak… to Burr Oak, Mama Einstein’s, Wings & Rings, and Bromley Hall for officially hosting us… to all the other bars we hit while there, for putting up with a bunch of silly alumni dancing on tables and such… to all the current and former ACRN staff who have worked to keep ACRN “on the air” over the past 30 years, and continue to strive for excellence.

Thanks to you all, and we hope to see you again in (no more than) 5 years, for the next big bash.