ACRN Supporter/WOUB Staffer Passes Away

WOUB Staffer and ACRN Supporter Jeff Spalding passed away 3/29 from a sudden heart attack. He is survived by his wife, Marie (also a WOUB staffer) and their two small children.

Saturday they are not accepting phone calls or visitors as of right now. There will be a showing at the funeral home on Morris Avenue off of East State street in Athens, Sunday after 3-5pm and 7-9pm. The funeral will be Monday at 12 noon, in Athens. There will be an Obit in the paper on Sunday with further information in it.

Jeff was a fantastic person, a true mentor. He’s responsible for many of us having careers in the media business. He gave us our start in TV and nurtured our learning along, always being supportive and encouraging us to try new crew positions to gain experience and knowledge.

On an ACRN note, Jeff was at OU when ACRN was just starting up. Through some of his technical skills, ACRN was broadcast across West Green (until the FCC came by and shut them down).

He will be truly missed.

Rooms by Snat

Hey people!

If you reserved a room at Burr Oak (and at this point you better have one more day… they stop holding them on Sunday) you’d better also:

a) GET YOUR MONEY TO MARAH at ACRN! Go to the link on the left that says “Official Site” look for Resistration. It has all the info you need: $40 for the event, $14 for a cool T-shirt, fill out the form and mail it to her with your money.

b) FILL OUT THE “SHACKIN UP” FORM! See the instructions on the Shackin Up page. Basically, if you called and reserved the room (or cabin), fill out the blue form. If you’re joining someone, select from the drop-down list in the top of the GREEN form, and add your info.

Got it? GOOD!

We want to know who’s all going to be there. And we want to know it as it happens! Get your behind in gear and do it!