Election Candidate Information

President Candidate

The President conducts the board's meetings, establishes strategic vision and annual goals for the Society, and compiles an annual “year-out” event plan and submits to OAA.

Karl Gussow

Class of 1988

Position(s) held at ACRN: DJ/Sales/Production/AGM

Current industry/role: Public Education Teacher/Administrator

"ACRN was a great experience for me when I was at OU and want to make sure that we keep it going for future generations." - Karl

Vice President Candidates

The Vice President helps to recruit volunteers, participates in the university's VAAN (Volunteer Alumni Admissions Network) program, and keeps a record of the Society's budget and purchases.

James Markels

Class of 1996

Position(s) held at ACRN: Mobile Services Director

Current industry/role: Attorney

"I'd like to continue supporting ACRN as it grows toward its 50th anniversary and fulfills its goal of training students to be leaders in media." - James

Carrie Markels

Class of 1997

Position(s) held at ACRN: Sales Director

Current industry/role: Information Technology

"ACRN shaped so much of who I am today by providing long time friends, greater self-esteem, expanded boundaries, leadership and business skills, and of course, my hubby, and I'd like to pay it forward." - Carrie

Secretary / Archivist Candidates

The Secretary records and distributes meeting minutes, leads preservation of archives and collections at the university's Mahn Center, and compiles post-mortems on Society events.

Jay Kulpa

Class of 1997

Position(s) held at ACRN: On Air 93-97, Traffic Director

Current industry/role: Records Management for Franklin County

"I hope to continue to construct an accessible archive for the alumni society." - Jay

Emily Kohler

Class of 2003

Position(s) held at ACRN: Mobile Director, 2001- 2003; jock, 2000 - 2003

Current industry/role: Office manager at a physical therapy company

"ACRN was my favorite part about college, and I’d love to help keep the station thriving for future generations of lobsters." - Emily

Communications Chair Candidates

The Communications Chair authors content for the Society's social channels and other written correspondence and maintains the database of all ACRN Alumni and their contact information.

Glenn Waldron

Class of 1988

Position(s) held at ACRN: GM - 2 years 1986-1988

Current industry/role: Headhunter - Staffing

"ACRN was the center of my universe when I was there and I want to see it continue on as one of the greatest student-run organizations on campus!" - Glenn

Christian Pederson

Class of 1999

Position(s) held at ACRN: GSM; Blues & Jazz Music Director; DJ Formerly Known As Captain Midnight

Current industry/role: Advertising Local Sales for Univision Communications

"I would not have embarked in the career I currently have if it wasn't for my experience at ACRN." - Christian

Matt Bemer

Class of 2013

Position(s) held at ACRN: Public Relations Manager

Current industry/role: Audience engagement editor at Money Magazine

"I want to help current Lobsters in any way possible and make sure that they have a strong network after graduation to lean on." - Matt

Scholarship Chair Candidates

The Scholarship Chair organizes and hosts philanthropic opportunities, raises awareness of the ACRN Charles Voge Scholarship, and serves as liaison with the university and the scholarship's donors.

Kurt Leibensperger

Class of 1988

Position(s) held at ACRN: Promotions Director, General Sales Manager

Current industry/role: Director, Membership Development of the Greater Akron Chamber. 20+ years as radio Account Executive.

"ACRN provided me the opportunity to learn radio advertising sales, a skill that I have used in my past 25 year career, and I would like to help the station be there for today's students." - Kurt

Scott Smith

Class of 1997

Position(s) held at ACRN: Asst GM, Sales Mgr, DJ and entertainment reporter

Current industry/role: Communications/Marketing

"For the past two years, I've led (with co-trustees Matt Latham and Doug & Joanna Brandt) the creation and successful funding of a $25,000 endowed scholarship for ACRN students. Our first $1000 award will be given out in 2021, the 50th anniversary of ACRN. Another term will allow me to provide ongoing attention and conversation with the university prior to the award and also establish plans for the ongoing financial support of ACRN." - Scott

New Alumni Chair Candidate

The New Alumni Chair has graduated within the last five years and serves as a liaison between the current staff and the Society, as well as ensuring that all recent graduates are counted as ACRN Alumni in our database and at the university.

Eric Perzanowski

Class of 2018

Position(s) held at ACRN: Programming director, DJ, Staff writer

Current industry/role: I'm in the middle of figuring all that out

"I want to continue to serve and help the organization that has shaped me over the past 5 years." - Eric