ACRN Alumni Society Board of Visitors


Executive Leadership

Society President | Jason Robinaugh


Grad Year: 2010
College: Communication
Industry: Insurance Technology
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Jason's Role in the Society
The President conducts the board's meetings, establishes strategic vision and annual goals for the Society, and compiles an annual “year-out” event plan and submits to OAA.

Vice President, Treasurer | Karl GussoW


Grad Year: 1988
College: Business
Industry: Education

Karl's Role in the Society
The Vice President helps to recruit volunteers, participates in the university's VAAN (Volunteer Alumni Admissions Network) program, and keeps a record of the Society's budget and purchases.

SecretarY, Archivist | Jay Kulpa


Grad Year: 1997
College: Communication
Industry: Library Science

Jay's Role in the Society
The Secretary records and distributes meeting minutes, leads preservation of archives and collections at the university's Mahn Center, and compiles post-mortems on Society events.

Society Chairs

Communication | Jenny Williams


Grad Year: 1999
College: Communication
Industry: Radio

Jenny's Role in the Society
The Communications Chair authors content for the Society's social channels and other written correspondence and maintains the database of all ACRN Alumni and their contact information.

Scholarship | Scott Smith


Scott's Role in the Society
The Scholarship Chair organizes and hosts philanthropic opportunities, raises awareness of the ACRN Charles Voge Scholarship, and serves as liaison with the university and the scholarship's donors.

Grad Year: 1997
College: Communication
Industry: Advertising & Marketing

New Alumni | Ben Haager


Ben's Role in the Society
The New Alumni Chair has graduated within the last five years and serves as a liaison between the current staff and the Society, as well as ensuring that all recent graduates are counted as ACRN Alumni in our database and at the university.

Grad Year: 2014
College: Business
Industry: Event Promotion

Non- Executive Members

Past President | Michael Frank


Michael's Role in the Society
The Past President is the person who has most recently served as the President of the Board of Visitors, and offers transition assistance and institutional knowledge to the incoming board members.

Grad Year: 2008
College: Scripps College of Communication
Industry: Advertising & Marketing